Query BAR list in 2019 for borrowing money

Where can one be credibly searched? – ask a question if you are interested in your own BAR list status. Here’s how to get to know and get the paper that not only confirms your BAR list status, but also who and when, what you recorded.

The BAR list, or new official name, but less commonly known as the KHR list, is a database of bank debtors, if you like. In essence, banks list different types of information , so that when needed, all financial institutions can see what the customer’s history is, what their past and present debts are.

As a result, the clutter and the secrecy of past or existing debts have ceased to exist, we can no longer go into a bank with the intention of borrowing, but we forget to mention that we may be slipping elsewhere with repayers. It is extremely difficult to get credit from active BAR listers, while nowadays passive status can fortunately get away with slightly higher interest rates and harsher criticism.

For this reason, it is important to query the BAR list:

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Everyone can get to know their own BAR-KHR status called My Credit Report. As mentioned in the title, it is completely free and can be requested on an unlimited basis , so if something is justified and needed (for example, we suspect that our rating may change), you can request it every quarter. Asking too often is obviously pointless, but we have the right.

My Credit Report is available at any financial institution, bank, savings, etc. It may be requested. Important: Even if you are not a customer of that bank, you can also contact BISZ Zrt. You can request the report by mail or even by email. Querying the BAR list with this information is very simple : you can submit your claim form by mail or in person, but not by email. The form must be printed out, completed and then sent personally / by mail to BISZ Zrt. Or submitted to any bank or financial institution if the latter is the case.

What information does My Credit Report contain?

What information does My Credit Report contain?

Not only whether you are on the KHR list, but also the following information: who and what data you entered into the system, who, when, and by what address. You can also find out who put it on the BAR list…

If you want to borrow money, it is not at all what financial institutions think of us, to be better aware of the facts and to plan for the financial near future.


Required documents

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If you submit your application as a private individual by post, you will not need any documents. If personally, the recipient can ask for both the ID card and the address card. When you query your business, you must include a certified business court order not older than 30 days and a copy of your original or certified signature. If you are applying for a self-employed business, you can apply for a credit report, as is the case with the private method, without presenting any documents.

The situation is not straightforward in terms of borrowing, as the regulation does not take into account any equity considerations, so the reason for active bar listing status is not considered or considered: unfortunately, from this point of view, has become an active member of the KHR list due to the guarantee.

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