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Loans without credit bureau – apply safely, quickly and free of charge

Loans without credit bureau - apply safely, quickly and free of charge

Anyone who applies for a loan from his bank cannot do without credit bureau. In addition to the private details that you have to disclose, the bank also requests additional information about you from other contacts and organizations for a credit check. This also includes the credit bureau information. If, for whatever reason, you have a negative entry here, your creditworthiness has dropped sharply in the eyes of the bank. But how do you get a loan without credit bureau anyway? Nothing easier than that: Submit a free and non-binding loan application here and compare the offers.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

Often you find yourself in situations for which you are not prepared, through no fault of your own. Most of the time you have to spoon out the proverbial soup yourself. In many cases, it is no longer possible without a loan. But what if your bank denies you the loan because of a negative entry in the debt database? Even the best collateral often does not help you at your bank if the credit bureau scoring is not on your side. What now? We’ll get you a credit bureau-free loan, the only requirements you’ll need to bring are the following:

  • They are between 18 and 75 years old
  • You have a regular income
  • You are registered with a permanent residence in Germany

The model known as Swiss credit is so named because Switzerland can do without an organization like credit bureau. However, it is not only Swiss banks that do without scoring. Our partners and contacts in the financial world also rely on trust and security, but without the opaque practices of some institutions. Do you also want to benefit from a credit bureau-free loan? Then do not hesitate and make a non-binding and free loan request now. The money can be in your account in just a few days.

Get your tailor-made loan now without credit bureau

Use our loan offer and apply for your loan now. No credit bureau information will be obtained and you will not incur any additional costs. You can also choose between a large selection of loans. Unlike your bank, however, we do not ask you for the purpose. Regardless of whether you want to buy a new car, carry out repairs on the house or finance your long-awaited vacation: there is the right loan for every project, which you can choose in the loan application. And all this without entry or information at credit bureau. Now choose from the following types of credit:

  • balloon loan
  • Personal loans
  • Self-employed credit
  • car loan
  • and many more

Blitz loans are also among the offers that we make possible for our customers. These are particularly popular when it comes to quickly rescheduling existing loans. The three-way financing is a common and tried and tested means that is often used when buying a car. Our contacts also carry out a credit check for a loan, but a regular income is the greatest security here.

credit bureau is not included in the lending process. You alone decide what information you want to share with the lender. Our task is then to negotiate a suitable loan for you. The loan amount is as variable and flexible as the conditions of our loans.

Loans without credit bureau and without risk

Loans without credit bureau and without risk

Swiss loans have the great advantage that borrowers affected by credit bureau can get a loan quickly and easily. In addition to this plus point, our loans offer other advantages that are reflected in the conditions that are particularly favorable for our customers. The big advantages of our loans are:

    1. Flexible term
    2. Stable interest rates
    3. Rate protection
    4. Immediate payment

Fulfill your wishes with a loan without credit bureau – a loan application costs you only a few minutes and not a cent. Upon receipt of the application, we will act immediately in your interest and start negotiations with a large number of banks and other credit institutions. Here we negotiate the best conditions for you according to your specifications. We will then send you the best offers so that you can easily compare your loans from home. Here you can weigh up costs and benefits and take as much time as you need. Weigh the term, interest and the resulting installments carefully – or opt for a different type of repayment. It is important to us: The loan offer should be tailored to you and can be adjusted within a framework according to your ideas.

If your decision is finally made, the credit contract can be concluded and the money will be transferred to your account without delay in accordance with the agreed conditions. Or opt for a cash payment. This is also not a problem with our loans. Fast processing, serious contacts and an immediate payment are the characteristics that make up our loans.

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