Know Credit Card Tips For Students So That You Are More Wise

At present, financial transactions are commonly carried out using cards, rather than cash .

Transactions using cards, be it debit cards, credit or prepaid cards and electronic money are considered easier and more efficient for carrying out daily transactions.

Likewise with credit cards. Today’s society tends to choose credit cards as a means of payment and financial transactions.

In addition to being practical because of cashless , people choose credit cards in order to make installments and various other benefits so that the payment does not feel too heavy compared to direct payments or cash.

Almost all urban communities are familiar with credit cards, including students. At present there are many students who have used credit cards.

Indeed, the procedure for making credit cards for students is quite complicated because the bank considers students to be less potential in terms of income.

But apart from that, it turns out that more and more banks are targeting students for credit card facilities.

Before proceeding to tips on using a credit card, let’s look at the tricks so that you can still apply for a credit card at the bank.

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How to Apply for a Credit Card for Students

How to Apply for a Credit Card for Students

Well, below we will discuss tips on applying for a credit card for those of you who are still students and want to make a credit card.

Check out some of the tricks so that the submission is easier!


When Strolling in the Mall, Try Visiting a Stand that Offers a Credit Card

When Strolling in the Mall, Try Visiting a Stand that Offers a Credit Card

When you are walking around the mall and see a bank stand offering credit card opening, you should try it.

It would be better if you already have an account at a bank, and you apply for a credit card at the same bank.

Thus, the bank can assess cash conditions through your account and can decide whether you are eligible to be given a credit card facility or not.


Use the opportunity to apply for a credit card if you have credit card sales acquaintances

Use the opportunity to apply for a credit card if you have credit card sales acquaintances

Well, if you have relatives, friends, friends, or acquaintances who are credit card sales, you can ask for their help in the process of applying for a credit card at the bank.

Don’t hesitate to ask people who can help you apply for a credit card at the bank, so that you understand more about the procedures and use of credit cards later.


Take advantage of Member Get Member Promos (MGM) that are Hits Offered by the Bank

bank offers

In addition to trying the methods above, you can also request referrals from parents or family members, or acquaintances who already use a credit card.

Usually banks offer special facilities to customers who use credit cards to invite family members or colleagues to use a credit card.

The facilities provided by the bank are called Member Get Members (MGM).

With this MGM facility, banks will be more confident in your credit card submission information, because this facility is one form of bank trust in its customers.

In addition to Member Get Member facilities, you can ask your parents or sister to apply for additional credit card facilities, which you can use later.


Use the Guarantee System

Use the Guarantee System

If the Bank still assesses you are less potential, you can apply for a lock deposit to guarantee that you are a potential customer.

In short, the bank will lock in a number of funds in your account as collateral for the issuance of credit cards.

Usually, the amount of funds you have to deposit is greater than the credit card limit given, which is around 120% credit card limit .

So, suppose you get a credit limit of 3 million rupiah, then you have to provide funds of 3.6 million rupiah and the bank will lock up the funds for some time.

This is done with the aim of ensuring that you are a good customer and avoids the bank from the risks that arise if there are problems involving the use of your credit card.


Use Credit Cards Wisely

Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards can provide many benefits if you can use them wisely.

With a credit card, you can make installments, get discounts or other attractive promos.

However, if it is not wise to use a credit card, there will be many problems that can be caused, ranging from accumulated bills because you cannot afford it, interest and penalties, and so on.

Use your credit card wisely, starting now!

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