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Are you interested in a loan despite direct debit return? How long has the return debit been? Do you need an installment loan or quick help to settle claims? Further editorial at

We will give you a closer look at your credit options despite a direct debit due to insufficient funds. Learn how to behave, what credit options are available and how to get your feet back on the ground.

Credit despite return of direct debit – urgent need for action

Credit despite return of direct debit - urgent need for action

At first glance, it looks like a shock. A debit has been rejected due to insufficient funds. Everyone sees their financial existence threatened in this situation. What to live on if the account does not pay anything. How to pay the bills? Does anyone even grant a loan despite direct debit return? The ostrich tactic of sticking your head in the sand would now be as wrong as an overreaction.

A return debit does not mean the end of the world. But there is an urgent need to take action to rectify the situation. Basically not much has happened as a result of the return debit, except that a traffic light for the payment options has been switched to red light. A negative credit bureau entry, which citizens are rightly afraid of, is not (yet) only due to the return debit.

In this situation it would be important to act prudently. The first thing to be clarified is how the vacant claim can be balanced. Are there any other cash reserves? Can someone from the Freundeskreis grant a loan despite the return of the direct debit to settle the claim? Even if there is still no mature idea how the claim could be settled. Don’t put your head in the sand. Acting deliberately will solve the problem.

First steps after the direct debit

First steps after the direct debit

As soon as the first shock subsides, it would be advisable to contact the creditor. In the first three days after the direct debit, the customer probably doesn’t even know about the default. It would be important to have an honest conversation. Still exude confidence that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible. For the creditor, this is a sign that his debtor is not leveling himself, but is trying his best to pay.

Most of the time, creditors do not refuse to ask for some time not to take legal action in the case of troubled debtors. It is clear to you that as soon as legal steps are taken, it will cost the creditor’s money. In addition, the chances that the debtor will receive a loan despite the return of the direct debit will deteriorate in order to meet his payment obligations.

The unpleasant call, the unpleasant mail, initially only saves some time. Time that is not devoted to the tribulation, but to the search for credit. The search for a loan despite a direct debit due to insufficient funds has two different goals. First, the priority of quick settlement of claims and second, the creation of a long-term solution. Otherwise, the direct debit can occur again and again and personal creditworthiness diminishes.

Short-term solution – loan to settle claims

Short-term solution - loan to settle claims

Support from the family or friends would of course be nice. Nevertheless, ultimately everyone remains responsible for their finances. Accepting help from your friends must be your last resort. In most cases, the search for a quick loan to settle claims leads to offers of lightning loans. Unfortunately, the supply market distorts unrealistic loan advertisements, with mostly unsustainable credit prospects.

Vexcash’s business model is real credit despite direct debit return, as a quick mini loan. Since 2012, the provider from Berlin has been offering first-time applicants with liquidity problems 100 to 500 USD in credit to settle their bills. The term of the first mini loan is always 30 days. The credit process is simple. The provider makes requirements that can be met to grant short-term credit.

However, “fair play” applies. Nobody should apply for a loan that cannot afford the repayment on the payment date. Approved short-term credit initially takes “the pressure out of the boiler”. The creditor can be served, permanent damage to personal creditworthiness and additional costs for the dunning procedure are averted. Now 30 days have been bought to turn to a permanent solution.

Installment loan despite direct debit return

Installment loan despite direct debit return

Credit institutions do not like to grant a low-interest loan despite returning a direct debit. A return debit due to insufficient cover counts as irrefutable proof of at least temporary insolvency. However, the return debit is not noted in a kind of “blacklist”. The chargeback would only be visible on the bank statements. If only the current account is at the limit, no creditworthiness problems are known, a credit comparison can lead to the loan.

Attention should be paid to offers for installment loans without bank statements. As a tip to consider, do not necessarily choose the lowest interest rate provider. Favorable interest rates are practically always linked to an extraordinarily good score. In the case of credit after the direct debit, in the best case it can be assumed that the credit rating is normally good, but not the best. If there are legitimate doubts about the creditworthiness, the loan application should be made with two people.

Credit institutions may only grant secure installment loans. The loan can be proven as “safe” by the solvent co-applicant or guarantor. With the already problematic loan despite the return of the direct debit, it would not be advisable to risk a loan refusal. Every credit rejection of a binding loan application is reported to credit bureau. It worsens the chances of receiving installment credit from another credit institution.

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